Saturday, April 28, 2007

A Thin Line Between Tack & Fab?

Now perhaps im wrong but is one girls tacky another girls personal style? Am I being to judgmental to those who jus want to be DIFFERENT?

Well before I get in to my story of “why must you torture me with you lack of fashion” I must tell a few things about me were I was n were I am now.

I was born and raised in New Jersey. All my life I’ve pretty much lived in the same hundred yards. But I can already tell your thinking “this bitch is from jersey who is she to call one tacky?!?!” well no your wrong bitches’ jersey is almost 100% fabulous…….. well more like 75% the rest is Guidos of central and north jersey, trailer trash of south jersey, and gangsta ass hood rats of the good ol north and west parts of jersey. My part of jersey was the best though you got all of jerseys goods (not the trailer trash) in to one plus we were 15 minutes away from Manhattan on the train and seconds away from any thing else. Now yes among all of that you might miss the beauty of my state but who cares your all gay any way.

Well now I’ve been up rooted from all that is good and naturel and placed in WAXHAW NORTH CAROLINA. It’s like chines water torture this town no no this state is fuckin ridicules. Well ill start with my school….. let alone im 1 out of 50 black students in the hole school mind you the total population of this school is like 1300. every one well dam near everyone rocks head to toe Hollister or Abercrombie if not that they dress like there 45. but the few who don’t dress like that dress like they don’t have a mirror or somthin. Now of course not every one is like this there are some very fly kids….. but as a hole they all suck.

Ok enough of my bitching I turn 18 in 7 months so when that roles around IM OUT!

So what makes one tacky? Is it totally not matching? Is it totally matching? Is it wearing too much jewelry? Is it Dyeing your hair hot pink? Or is that all jus personal style? Well its never personal style until you make it YOU, hence the personal part of that phrase. There’s nothing I hate more then a girl who is truly unsure about herself, now yes it is high school and most still don’t know who they are any way. No im not saying be like me “the world is my runway and fuck you if you disagree” although it’s a pretty dam good philosophy.

Maybe im all wrong maybe im tacky…(lol impossible)… I mean like who the fuck knows because shit we can’t all dress like the girls in the magazine we defiantly can’t be as skinny and alien like as they are. And honestly I don’t think you should. And if you’re trying to take tips from the idiots on ANTM good luck cuz every day there is like a big ass costume party. Like Russle Simons new book, jus “do you”.

As I was writing this I relies the only thing that IS tacky is second guessing your self and the way you look…… not what one is wearing. But if you look like a clown… perhaps you should stay home

Just rember no one will think you’re the shit unless you think it first.

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