Friday, August 31, 2007

This Bull Shit at Its Finest!

Kanye and 50 cents album has been leaked on to the web. This is so gay, I really couldn't wait till the 11th but now who gives a fuck every one downloaded it already. I bet somebody in 50s camp did that shit, he knew only like 9 people were gonna buy it.

Nu Vids

Chris Breezy was on 106 yesterday and he brought his new joint and my favorite song

Chris Brown Ft. T-Pain
"Kiss Kiss"

LiL Mamma
"Tour Bus/G-Slide"

Ya Think He'll Stay

I mean yea its cute n all but do we really think Joel is gonna stick around after the baby is born with 3 hands?

Thursday, August 30, 2007

A True Classic

This video had me rollin for like 20 minutes.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Rep Yo City

These super fab Pieces of jewelry by Rootd In Style come in my many variations of city names and area codes.
Available at Shop Bop

The only thing more fabulous then these pieces of jewelry is (lol jk)

How Could I Have Forgoten

The Band!!!!!!
Last Sunday Diddy finaly picked the band. I'm very pleased with pick minus the fact that Robert was the first pick. And my boo Donnie got him self a solo deal!!!

Baby Hair is No Joke

Here are some shots from JLos' new video "Do it Well".

I cant wait, the song might be shit but her videos are always fabulous!

New MOB!!!

New Married to the Mob Fall/Winter 07 line.

Strait hotness

Nu Vid

Common ft.Lilly Allen

Driven me wild

Tell Me This Isnt The Cutest

LUV IT!!!!!!

That Bitch Stole My Man

So word on the blog is that Rihs' new man is Shia Lebeouf.

I saw him first dammit!

This Is Not A Dress!!!!!

Britt is so gone.
(If you cant tell shes out in public)

I Told Ya So

Since school started I have had no time to blog. I finally(Ive only been in school for like 3 days) got a night with no homework, so now I can catch you guys up on little tid bits.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Royal Family iIts NYC

This Week Angilina and the family where site seeing in New York City, super cute. All I wanna know is why is she always carrying those big ass kids.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

BOOOOOO School!!!!!

School starts Monday so here's some pix to hold you over, cause I might not get a chance to post for a while.
And forget to add my MYSPACE.

Friday, August 24, 2007

O So Bangin

David Banner was on 106&park today lookin mighty mighty fine. Any way he brought the new joint.Good stuff.

David Banner ft. Akon, Snoop&Weezy F


The Summer Run Down

Summer is just about over and so much has happened. Here's a quick re-cap of all that has happened.
  • Paris found her self in jail and back out all before the summer ended.
  • DUI and rehab become the new hot Hollywood trend.
  • Beyonce took a spill
  • Scream fest NYC= history
  • Foxy Brown and Nicole Richie are pregers.
  • Global Warming dominated the New York/ New Jersey area
  • The Bench became the place for the young and fab of NYC
  • Soulja Boy swept the nation with his hit "Crank Dat"
  • SJP came out with bitten.
  • The Sopranos left us hangin.
  • L-Boogie lost her mind
  • Ushers wedding was called off last minute.
  • We all got a little Simpson crazy.
  • Eddie Murphy is a dead beat .
  • Making the Band 4. (I might be the only one who cares)
  • Were getting to see how life is in the Fab lane thanks to Kimora Lee.

As fall is slowly creeping around the Benn more Fabulous and not so Fabulous goodies fallow close behind.

Nu Vids

Remy Ma
Im kinda mad at this video because they showed jump #2 droping a bag full of condoms like that was a skank move. Obviusley being a jump isnt cute but protecting your self is. But on The bright side she looked nice in this video(minus the blonde bangs).

"Give It Up"

Bzoo by Brad Digital

Bzoo is this super cute super new street wear line that I'm freakin falling in luv with.

Here take a gander.

Cracked Out To the 8th Power

Wino and her man got into it.......Thats all I have to say, this shit is ridiculous.

Keyshia Coles' Album Cover

Album drops September 25th

There Back.....

The ANTM chicks are back for season 9.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Video For the Post Below


Beef? I Guess its Squashed

Last night Scream Fest was in NYC and history went down. At the end of the show T.I came out to kill it and he was doin his song "watch what you say to me" ft. Jay-Z. So then all of a sudden outta the smoke Jay-z comes out and does his part and then BAM! he brings Kanye out then Diddy, 50 cent and Swizz Beats all show up.
Only in New York such a thing would go down.
So I guess all that beef between Kanye and 50 is done.

Gimme That!!!!

Ball Till Ya Fall, these are the words I live by.
Brooklyn Thieves $25
Available at Karmaloop

All Good Things Must Come to a End

The summer is just about done and we are all going back or are already at school. So Ive come up with a list of things that every one will need for re-entering the school year.
  • A lap top, because who still uses pen and paper??
  • A good size bag for books and what not.
    Hype Bags $146

Harajuku $65

  • Ipod, (for those going off to college) because maybe your not really feelin your roommate or her choice of music.
  • A multi functional phone.

  • A nice golden tan.Its just proof that you've been some where (even if you didn't)
  • Stories!! Bring back stories of the wild and fabulous times you had over the summer. Who wouldn't wanna here of the fabulous time you had this summer????

Way To Bust My Bubble

“Before I work with Lauryn Hill again, you will have a better chance of seeing Osama Bin Laden and [George W.] Bush in Starbucks having a latte, discussing foreign policies, before there will be a Fugees reunion. At this point I really think it will take an act of God to change her, because she is that far out there.”

-Pras tells All Hip Hop

Well danm you coulda just said "no there will more then likley be no reunion" God better start actin cuse I want a reunion!!!

Its Really Getting Outta Control

a mess .........

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Skin That Glows

School starts back up in a few weeks and there is no better accessories then your skin, so obviously it cant be anything less then perfect. For those of you like myself, who dont belive the hype of all those camerciale skin care lines and must only use the most exclusive lines of skin care here is my favorite.

Dermalogica is a line that has somthing for every type of skin from there Gentle Wash wich is so gentle you could rub it in your eyes and feel nothing, To Derma Vitamens for that all over acne.
Only sold in high end spas or on the web.

One Man Band

Last night Swizz and Friends celebrated the release of his new album "One Man Band".

Baby looking mighty thin was there.

and the Bopsy twins also showed up, looking fab as usual.
But I don't care what any one says, this is the cutest couple in hip hop.

So Very Hood

Ray J and Kim came out to Keyshia Coles album release party the other night lookin like "Hood Rat Couple of the Year".

But on the other hand Keyshia looked cute.

Marc Jacobs X Vans

Who doesn't love a good slip on? Its like the most basic sneaker. It can go both ways dressy or sporty, its the all purpose sneaker. So of course Marc Jacobs and Vans had to do it again for the fall 07.
I'm in love.
This is a Fall Must!

Simply Vera

Vera Wang has designed a life style line(including clothes and house wear) for Kohls due out early September. Eh Im not one for Kohls but her stuff is kinda cute......if your into the hole "I jus raided Grama's closet"look.


Fine jewelry designer Dominique Cohen has designed a jewelry line for Target that came out last weekend. This line is extremely affordable ranging from $14 - $60. Target has become that one stop shop for fabuless savings on chic designer looks.

Roberto Cavali For H&M

This would be fantastic news for me, but its NOT because there is not H&M in this no mans land that I live in. Well for the rest of you lucky bitches Roberto Cavali is doing a line for H&M. It comes out in November so here's a little sneak peek of whats to come.