Monday, June 18, 2007

Who Dosent Love Her?

Kid Sister.....MY FAVORITE mulatto of the week. Shes a rapper from the south side of the Chi who just keeps it real. Shes truly an indivuale from her clothes to the unique sound of her music.


Nicole Richie is lookin pretty pregy latley hhhmmm could u imagine? What a cute lil crack baby it would be. O and you know shes about to be in jail.

Dunk Sox

Look how freakin cute these sox are!! When there out of shoes they look like Dunks.

I No... I No

Its been a minute but like I said I was gonna be back home in Jersey so Ive been slackin on the post, but Im tryin my hardest to keep yall posted on the goods.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Miss Keys

Alicia Keys rockin the mulato curls very well at The Tavern on the Green.

The Look For Less

When a formal affair comes up or even just an event were I have look a little dressed, I always have the hardest time getting an outfit at a resonable price. Im that girl who spent $300 on a dress(that I only wore once) for my 8th grade dinner dance.
So Ive found a few celebertie outfits and there cheap counterparts. Mabye if any of you guys are any thing like me this should come in handy.
Eva Mendes
$15 Nine West
$80 Steve Maden
Total: $106
Jaime King
Arden B $68
Target $20

Michael Antonio $45
Total: about $133

Steve Maden $89

Friday, June 8, 2007


Im not a sneaker kinda chick, but these bad boys......YUMMY!!!
These can be found at reconstore.

Its to Good to be True.

As you know SJP has her cheap mall line Bitten. Well wut evs i just cant belive how cute it is !!!!!!

Home Sweet Home!

Im going back home for the summer tomorow so post migh be a little off but i promise ill try my best to get as much as possible up.

........My town looks so cute and "Leave It To Beaver" like in this pic.

Back to the Slammer

Just as we here she gets only house arrest, they snatch it away and through her ass righ back in the pokey for 45 days. You cant tell you wouldnt be lookin like this either?

Mr.West 30th Birthday Bash!!

Kanye and freinds partyed it up last night at the Louis Vuitton store in Saks 5th Ave. Im not sure how I feel about this bow tie.

As well as Phrell, Mos Def, The Clipse and John Legond performed.

The fam was there! (Why does his fiance have on that plastic dress?)
Good times had by all.......

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Nu Vids

Outkast ft. Ugk
"International Players Anthem"

Huey ft. Lloyd
"When I Hustle"

Fabolous ft. Neyo
"You Make Me Better"

Drake (from degrassi) ft. Trey Songz
"Replacment Girl"

As soon as that Lil Mama and Avril remix video comes out ill post it.

Say Cheese

They look so pretty when they smile


Yeesh I didnt notice that I havent updated in like a trillion days.....Sry but ive been waaaay busy Finales and the end of the school year hoopla. Schools out Friday (WOOP WOOP). but then im off to NJ for the summer on Saturday. No worries ill keep u posted on the goods.

Not Shocking

So with in about a week or so Paris Hilton has been convicted, thrown behind bars,let out early and then put on house aresst. I shoulda bet on it.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Next Sunday Seems Like a Lifetime Away

The Sopranos is windeing down, one more episode left and im shittn pants to see what happends. I scared as crap cuse the Jersey Family is slippin, if Bobby Bacala had his phone on him he might not had died. They all just need to keep there phone on and stay alert.
All thats left is...


the driver vitto


and some goobers

Its not lookin too hot for them and im scared to death. And the frickin prick Leatardo is hideing out....AAAHHH I dont how Ill be able to constrate on my last week of school while I know my T.V family is in intence danger.

The Solution To My Pale

Yesterday I was scimming threw the misscrew blog and found an old post for this tanning lotion she found in Hawaii called mauibabe. Apperentally shes very pale too but she used it while on vacation and now look.......
I have to get my hands on this stuff !!!

Too Cute

I simply love this outfit, the glasses the shorts its all amazing.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Summer To-Do List

Summer is here!! This is a to-do list that every one should have. I plan on checking of atleast 5 of these by the end of July.
  • Spend as much time in the city(NYC) as possible.
  • Go to the board walk or a carnival.
  • Take a road trip to Philly or B-more for the weekend.
  • Buy an AMAZING swim suit.

  • Go to a concrete in th park.
  • Fall in luv (just for the summer).
  • Hit up as many block parties and cook-outs that you can find.

  • Go to a couple fli markets,they have the best bags.
    Go to a festival or parade that has nothing to do with your ethnic background, religion or sexual preference. Theres no way you wont learn somthing new plus its fun. I go to the West Indian Day Parade every summer.
  • Do somthing charitable, such as volunteering at a day camp.
  • Eat lots of Rita's Gelatis

  • Take a vacation.
  • Dont worry be happy!
  • Do somthing you wouldnt noramly do. (sky dive,scuba dive,wrestle a bear ect.)
  • Reinvent yourself.
  • Dont catch any scary diseases.
  • Get a pair of all purpose flip-flops. NOT the cheap plastic kinds

  • DONT catch skin cancer. Use lots of sunscreen, even if your not laying out in the sun.
  • Take lots of pictures.
  • Go to the beach as much as possible.
  • Have lunch with your girls like carrie and them.


"I just want to help women love their bodies,” says swimwear designer Natalie Golonka who is the master mind behind Jungle Gurl Swimwear. The concept behind these super chic suits are simple, take vintage fabrics and make them in to flatering yet simple swim suites.

Orange Zest

This is hard for me to look at this picture without being embaressed for them.


MY EYES!!!!!

On the note of wearing clothes because you’re favorite rapper is wearin it.
I really only want to make one statement, well maybe more, skull belts and wallet chains should be outlawed. As well as tie dyed shirts on grown men and mis-matching your hard wear.

Celebs Love the City

Yes its summer but we dont all need to be on the beach in the South of France to be fabulous.
COUGH! COUGH! Beyonce.


Nicole Richie

Kate Hudson

SJP (in her line Bitten)

Hillary Duff

Katherine Heigi

Small T

I could remember it like it was yesterday......everybody rocked a tall T, some Forces and tooooooooo big jeans now every ones taken the more fitted clean cut route. I honestly dont know how I feel about this. When I first saw anyone doin the clean cut look it was in the city awhile back and I liked it but figured the guy was gay, then Phreal and Lupe came out and blew up and everybody(the guys who ounce wore the tall Ts) and there dogs thought they could skate n shit. Just two years ago I was goin to school with a bunch of "thugs" now these same "thugs" are rockin smaller V-neck T-shirts, supper bright dunks and hangin out at the Short Hills mall (a very ritsy mall where you couldnt buy anything for under $50). I guess this new trend has become bigger in the hood and no longer just for the individuals thanks to mane stream rappers such as young jock, seen here.
Big time goobberr

Hello Goodbye

Its JUNE!! Summer is officialy here so now I can stop writting these "almost summer" post.
Say goodbye to spring and hello to this fabulous summer!

So Sory

I know I know I've really been slippin but its only beacuse I have been soo busy. EOCs and finales are starting next week and Im trying to get all my last minute school crap together plus Im leavin for jersy next Saturday. But Im back know in full effect with tons of post.