Saturday, June 2, 2007

Small T

I could remember it like it was yesterday......everybody rocked a tall T, some Forces and tooooooooo big jeans now every ones taken the more fitted clean cut route. I honestly dont know how I feel about this. When I first saw anyone doin the clean cut look it was in the city awhile back and I liked it but figured the guy was gay, then Phreal and Lupe came out and blew up and everybody(the guys who ounce wore the tall Ts) and there dogs thought they could skate n shit. Just two years ago I was goin to school with a bunch of "thugs" now these same "thugs" are rockin smaller V-neck T-shirts, supper bright dunks and hangin out at the Short Hills mall (a very ritsy mall where you couldnt buy anything for under $50). I guess this new trend has become bigger in the hood and no longer just for the individuals thanks to mane stream rappers such as young jock, seen here.
Big time goobberr

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