Sunday, April 29, 2007


so i was thinking the other night, i do a monthly man candy, my top 5 and other monthly or weekly thing but y no 1 detecated to the real reason i created this blog. for the fabulous girls out there that arent famous(but i put money on it will be soo) but r doin big things.

so this month i interviewed Ashley a dope ass girl from the lower east side whos ALWAYS A LADY.
Name at birth: Ashley Lauren

Age? Im a young one, 17, soon I will be 18 and can’t wait for that.

1. What do u do?
These days I am trying to finish high school, a few weeks left but it seems to go on forever. It’s an all-girls Catholic school so I have to leave like this second or I will lose my mind. I also can’t wait to go on to college. I am going to Villanova University in the fall. It’s near Philly so holla...another city. I will miss Nueva York though especially the Lower East Side, my home. I’ll visit as much as I can though.

2.What/who inspires the way u dress?
I’m usually inspired by what I see on the streets but I try not to cop to many of what people are doing/wearing. I take what I see everyday and I mold it to what’s me cause if I don’t than I will just be a biter and the only quintessential LES clone. Also, I like to look at old school pics from like the boogie down Bronx haha from the 80s. Or like 80s shots, punk or hip hop, because I really like the style back then...bold colors, flashy jewelry, and the prints were insane. You can’t make that shit up these days.

3. Dream job?
I would love to work at a magazine. It wouldn’t really matter to me which one though. I’m obsessed with Missbehave and Nylon magazines these days though. So I would definitely like to work, or maybe intern there one day. Those are my heroin. But then I’m random too and I love history and current events so I would be happy at like Time or Newsweek. I don’t know. I just am fascinated with magazines especially fashion ones. Stylists also inspire the way I dress. They put things together that I never would have thought of. I admire them for that. That’s another job I guess....too many paths to choose from.

4.Biggest flaw?
I shop way way way too much. 8 out of 10 times I don’t even buy stuff though. I just love to go to the stores and look at the clothes, and on some occasions I do buy. I do love to buy stuff. And I’m in H&M like every five seconds. It’s sad too cause half my school shops there also and I can spot what all the girls are wearing. It’s like or she got that from H&M, oh her too. And it sucks going to an all-girls school cause if one girl has it then you can’t buy it or else its biting off them. Those in girl schools know what I’m talking about. Oh back to my flaw sorry. Yeah, I have a problem but I don’t regret it. Everyone has something.

5. Last item you purchased?
I purchased the Mama Clothing baseball jacket from the Mama website (the picture is on my trendmill gallery). I’ve been wearing it everyday. It’s hott haha...the back says: “Always A Lady” in a cool font. I always wanted a baseball jacket like that and it has a cool twist to it cause its very feminine. Mama is really stepping up there game and getting out there and I like that. They have always been there but now more people, like me, are recognizing them. I love it.

6.What’s your idea of happiness?
Being with my friends will always make me smile. We have a lot of fun together and we have to in order to get by these days of being a senior, aka hell. Also, like I said before, shopping. So I usually go shopping with friends...that’s the shit.
7.What are two things you never leave the house without?

I always always have my I-Pod with me. I gotta jam when I’m walkin’ these streets. Music is everything to me and I can’t go anywhere without it. Everyone will tell you that I always have it on me. I also never leave without my digital cam. I take pictures everyday..mostly of me and my friends. I also like to sneak pictures of people on the street who’s style I love. This is risky though so I try not to do it a lot. And I do like to be original you know.

8.Favorite designer/brand and why?
Like I said before H&M...I love it so much. Its probably cliche to like them isn’t it? But I don’t care. It’s the only place where you can get fly stuff for the cheap. I just got a hoodie there on sale for like 8 bucks...and it’s nice too. Plus, they stock new stuff like every two there is always hottness going on. I don’t know how to describe it. If you haven’t every been to one...which is hard to gotta get to one this second. Like go, right now.

9.If you could would you choose to be famous or infamous?
I would absolutely hate to be famous. I feel bad for those who are. The spotlight is always on them..sure people admire you and your “perfect” to everyone, yet your face is everywhere. I couldn’t do that. I am a private person and I don’t like everyone knowing my business, just those close to me. To be famous though, everyone knows everything. That sucks. Plus, being infamous is mysterious and cool. And being mysterious is the new famous.

10. Anything else you wanna say?
Holla to my friends out there and everyone at Notre Dame haha. Oh and I want to tell people to be more open and free with fashion and one’s personal style. It’s not all cookie cutter and correct and its not supposed to make sense sometimes. I love that about fashion and clothes. You could just make a style all on your own without anyone ever creating it, knowing that you made the choices. I’m not starting to make sense am I? Well, just go for it...anything you want to wear, wear it. What’s the worst people could say or do to you? Nothing much. So when you want to wear that old school punk tee, those bright colored tights, or those big ass hoops from Delancey...Just do it. Promise?

check her out

Its the most wonderful time of the year

like ive said many times before summer is my favorite time of the year, for many reason one of wich is that its warm an ofcourse no school. but ive narrowed it down to my top 10 reasons why i loooooove summer so much. and honestly why any one should luv summer.

10. cookouts, and everything that goes with them

9.New York City. i luv it all year round but its somthing about being there in the summer that makes all that much more great.

8.the west indian day parade in brooklyn. every for the past 4 years ive gone with my best freind. now no im not west indian but its soooo much fun ive never seen any thing like it.
7. NO SCHOOL. theres no validation for that one 3 months with out skool hell fuckin yes . people. i always end up meeting a bunch of new people during the summer whether it be through summer camp when i was younger, working, partying or jus wondering around with nothing better to do.

5.sunglasses. i do wear them all year round but atleast now i have a reason.

4.flip flops. i turn in to a dirty ass hippy come summer time. no shoes no shirt no service oo well. but ull be lucky to see me have shoes on..... but i gess thats the flower child in me i cant help it.
3.carnavales&RITAS. i mean like who dosent luv that shit they go hand in hand. for those who dont no ritas is an icy place...o so yummy
2.freinds and family. its the best. family reunions, summer vacas, road trips. everything about them is great but then add summer into that and its 1000000 times better
1.GOOD TIMES. keep it funky who dosent luvem. i have good times all year round but not as good as in the summer. outta all the storys i have (and theres more then you could imagine) the best and most crazy ones were in the summer wit the hommies.

aaaw wait a minute

o gosh, why do yall think this is how u make it..... ray j needs to sit down. someone has to tell his shit is done. its really ok like hes probley still got a nice hunk of change rested away some where. but ol kim right here.... she needs to stop. actually no id like to see what she'll do next. perhaps the next supperhead? id bet that book would sell like hot cakes i mean shiiiiit id buy it.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

as you know or may not know im on trendmill like 24/8
so hollerrrrr check me out

Summer necessities

Until summer roles around I will posting summer stuff almost weekly some times daily. so these are every ones must haves for the summer.... in no Particular order.
shiney stuff (shoes, bags,ect ect)
pretty shades

a good lip balm
ez every day dress (long wraps are pretty 2 too)

cocoa butter(nothing says summer like shiney ass legs)

supper cute overnight bag(u never no were u might end up)

A Thin Line Between Tack & Fab?

Now perhaps im wrong but is one girls tacky another girls personal style? Am I being to judgmental to those who jus want to be DIFFERENT?

Well before I get in to my story of “why must you torture me with you lack of fashion” I must tell a few things about me were I was n were I am now.

I was born and raised in New Jersey. All my life I’ve pretty much lived in the same hundred yards. But I can already tell your thinking “this bitch is from jersey who is she to call one tacky?!?!” well no your wrong bitches’ jersey is almost 100% fabulous…….. well more like 75% the rest is Guidos of central and north jersey, trailer trash of south jersey, and gangsta ass hood rats of the good ol north and west parts of jersey. My part of jersey was the best though you got all of jerseys goods (not the trailer trash) in to one plus we were 15 minutes away from Manhattan on the train and seconds away from any thing else. Now yes among all of that you might miss the beauty of my state but who cares your all gay any way.

Well now I’ve been up rooted from all that is good and naturel and placed in WAXHAW NORTH CAROLINA. It’s like chines water torture this town no no this state is fuckin ridicules. Well ill start with my school….. let alone im 1 out of 50 black students in the hole school mind you the total population of this school is like 1300. every one well dam near everyone rocks head to toe Hollister or Abercrombie if not that they dress like there 45. but the few who don’t dress like that dress like they don’t have a mirror or somthin. Now of course not every one is like this there are some very fly kids….. but as a hole they all suck.

Ok enough of my bitching I turn 18 in 7 months so when that roles around IM OUT!

So what makes one tacky? Is it totally not matching? Is it totally matching? Is it wearing too much jewelry? Is it Dyeing your hair hot pink? Or is that all jus personal style? Well its never personal style until you make it YOU, hence the personal part of that phrase. There’s nothing I hate more then a girl who is truly unsure about herself, now yes it is high school and most still don’t know who they are any way. No im not saying be like me “the world is my runway and fuck you if you disagree” although it’s a pretty dam good philosophy.

Maybe im all wrong maybe im tacky…(lol impossible)… I mean like who the fuck knows because shit we can’t all dress like the girls in the magazine we defiantly can’t be as skinny and alien like as they are. And honestly I don’t think you should. And if you’re trying to take tips from the idiots on ANTM good luck cuz every day there is like a big ass costume party. Like Russle Simons new book, jus “do you”.

As I was writing this I relies the only thing that IS tacky is second guessing your self and the way you look…… not what one is wearing. But if you look like a clown… perhaps you should stay home

Just rember no one will think you’re the shit unless you think it first.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

gimme gimme gimme

I WANT A FAFI DOLL!!.......noooooooooowwwwwwwaaa

dolla dolla bill yall

The "For Love Or Money" series by Futura Laboratories has always been one of the most successful ones and this season, they have released some new treats in the line.
find it at

"i mean like im frm nu yrk"

thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis biiiiiiiiiiiiitch .... ugh wut a morone.... shes the biggest fuckin retard on the planet i dont no y she got picked well yes i do its cuz shes black. but then again i shouldnt sound like such a hater she is tryna get money for her 9 year old n shit so more power to ya but i hope she nos pussy cat dolls dont make no money....o well good luck

Monday, April 23, 2007

mmm yes

black milk..... early man candy....i couldnt help my self

get ur drink on

Barossa Grenache 2005

i got it for cheap

all you stupid bitches eat your hearts out.... buyin these fuckin $100 marc jacob jellies.... dollar stor baby 5 bucks.....more colors tooo...... stupid bitches.


Sunday, April 22, 2007


girl props in NYC is a yummy little costume jewlery shop in the village that i luuuuuuuuuuvvvvvvvvvvv so much i never leave out of there empty handed this summer ill deff have to make about a dozen trips.

these are there 2 locals and web site

this is the store on prince street

i couldnt get a pic of the other store

2 thumbs up for sundays

sundays are my new favorite day of the week..... well its bitter sweet but more sweet then bitter thanks to the sopranos and entourage. deff my 2 new favorite shows well untill thewire comes back on. thank god for HBO and there gansterr ass ways of makin tv good for me.


oooooo its about time they put models back on the cover of vogue. this month vogue put out a re-make cover of there 93 issue wich featured 10 of the worlds top modes.
well this isnt the exact cover but u get the point

Saturday, April 21, 2007


oooooo how could i have forgotten HAPPY BELATED 420 every body. hope it was all good

top 5

holler at the top 5 baby......this week kinda sucked for me.... i gess cuz im a lil homesick or wutever but these are deffintley the things that made me happyr.

5. finding out im gonna pass all my classes

4.METALICS..... batheing suites, bags, shoes, leggings any thing u could think of im luvin right now.

3.sushi from sushi samba!! o so yummy... if my pockets had it like that id fly up there every day jus to eat there

2. MY HOMMIESSS..... most of these (color photos) are hommies from NJ who i miss sssooooo much the other(black&white) pix are NC

1. getting a job ...scratch that 2 jobs yes bitches im getting my work on... shit some ones gotta pay for me to get back to jersy. GET MONEY BABY!!


If ur a loser like me and love to stay in the house on a saturday afternoons and catch up on re-runs hopefully you have seen to things....... college hill and the stupid bitches from that pussy cat doll show. its good tv baby

Friday, April 20, 2007

colt45 girl

now mischa was never really my hommie but maybe now that shes gettin her drink on in public...... HOLLERRRRRRRR

photo from

Thursday, April 19, 2007


theres this group on face book called THIIIIISS BIIIIIITCH and its the funnyst shit ive read in a minute. look it up when u get a chance.

♥When u watching maury and the subject is: " mom, i'm 14 you cant stop me from having a baby"...U BE LiKE......THiiiiiSS BiiiiiiTCH!!

♥ When the hating ass hoe be by herself and dont say nothin but then when she get around alittle bit of people she wanna get realllllll amped up"...U BE LiKE......THiiiiiSS BiiiiiiTCH!!

♥When hoes stay trying to test u but u dont wanna lose ur character cuz u remember u are a lady...WE WALK AWAY & BE LiKE......THiiiiiSS BiiiiiiTCH!!

♥ You out wit ur man and u notice some skank wit her eyes all up on him knowing damn well she see u right beside him...U BE LiKE...OH NO SHE NOT!..i KNOWW SHE AiNT LOOKiN AT MYYYY MAN!......THiiiiiSS BiiiiiiTCH!!

♥When dudes start acting like chicks...U BE LiKE......THiiiiiSS NiGGA BiiiiiiTCH!!

♥When u know u fly and the haters know it 2..u walk around wit ur head held high and no doubts about ur self..the haters stand on the sidelines shaking their heads,rolling them crooked ass eyes,and giving u the ill grill wit the ugg mugg faces yall knowww under their breathe they be like......THiiiiiSS BiiiiiiTCH!!(but wouldnt dare to say it louder)

♥You got that one smart ass in ur class that SWEAR up and down they know EVERYTHING..well damn if u did u would be the professor now wouldnt u?....U BE LiKE......THiiiiiSS BiiiiiiTCH!!.....needs to shut the fuck up so i can get my education on!

♥Knowing damn well i was not payin attention to u...ur professor tries to put u on blast asking u questions...U BE LiKE......THiiiiiSS BiiiiiiTCH!!....Know damn well!

♥Get to class only to find a red slip on the door like " Class has been Cancelled for the day"...U BE LiKE......THiiiiiSS BiiiiiiTCH!!...could have definitely told us this shit yesterday...

♥ U fresh to death and its always that ONE goofy muthafucka to step on ur crispy shit...U BE LiKE......THiiiiiSS BiiiiiiTCH!!.....clumpsy as hell!

♥Got dumb drunk wit the wrong people who end up pissin u off but u be too drunk to be like......THiiiiiSS BiiiiiiTCH!!

♥ When these lil sluts be out here no respect for themselves...WE JUST LAUGH & BE LiKE......THiiiiiSS BiiiiiiTCH!!When they act up and u cant or have nothing more to say except for...THiiiiiSS BiiiiiiTCH!!


i cant stand this ho i dont no how she became a model n then gets to say who should n shouldnt be a model AND THEN get her own talk show.... shes a fuckin tard. next thing u no shell have a clotheing line sold a walmart cuz shes "down" wit the people. stupid cunt.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

i wanna bump

if any1 knows how to get music on the blog plz holler at so for real cuz its so quiet wen u come on. I WANNA BUMP!!!!!

sumer sumer sumer time

yes ladies its about to be summer... 50 days to be exact (no this isnt the actual days it may be more it may be less) so that mean its time to start gettn right.go head and get yall jog on or yoga or wut ever yall do to get right cuz heres the yummy swimwear for this season.

marc jocobs

Fabucci $228

Brette Sandler $159

Fabucci $184
all 4 can be found at



those were from american apperal

can u say discount

shop at karmaloop?
no? well maybe u should
very very hot shit and if you us my code u get 20% off on ur purchases
dont be stupid cupcake
rep code- JL13916

im sry babies

my computer is a piece of shit so i havent been able to get on but im bizzac like cooked crack. later ill be bac wit my goddies.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

baaag lady

alexander Mcqueen

american apperal

glitter shoper



fafi X le sportsac


my luv is a monthly segment were i feature my MAN CANDY of the month.

this month its The cool kids, a bangin rapp duo outta chi town. its hard to explain there jus fly as shit real original real fun its jus that good shit.

hit up mikey and inglish on there myspace.

NEXT 1000

the latest issue of urb jus came out with there next 1000 list, the next 1000 issue is new artist wether they be signed or unsigned. among that 1000 there was a couple ladies doin it real big. heres some of my favorites.

K.flay.... this silly white girl is so seriuse when it comes to her rhymes. but not seriuse like hugry children but seriuse as in she goes hard. based in a cali suburb shes a stanford whos music sounds like shes been workin with the pros but actually she writes and produces all her own music.

KID SISTER...... this bitch right here is my freind in my mind we have so much in commen well from what ive read in her interveiws. but like i said earlyier shes the IT kid in the chi town rap game.

crystal castles.... a group jus made up of 1 guy and 1 gurl . there my favorite becuz they arent really a group they dont practice, apperantly they hate performing live and they rarley wright there own music but when they do that shit bumps.

amy winehouse....."they try to make me go to rehab i say no no no" enough said

Theres many more girls such as the long blondes and gabriel teodros who made the list but those were jus some of my favs. all these girls have myspace music pages. soo go serchem......

Saturday, April 14, 2007

woop woop its the 5

My top 5 is a weekly thing . basicly is jus random shit i love the current week. with that said here it is for the week.

5.Pro Nails AKA nail art BKA ghetto nails. i mean who dosent lovem.

4. SPRING TIME!.... Theres many reason y i luv spring but to name a few SPRING CLOTHEING LINES and SKOOLS ALMOST OUT. very good stuff
3.magazines.... you will almost never catch me with a book in my hand but always a magazine. some of my favorites are URB, nylon,vogue and star.

2.Brand spaken new music..... i feel like this year is the year were i have gotten a hold of so many great new artist. like great as in i listen to these motha fuckers like 12 times a day and dont get sick of them. Amy Whinehouse ("rehab") for example and kid sister a under ground rap artist outta chi, they are two complete opposites but they are two of the badst bitches walkin planet earth.

1. jellies!!!!.... yess betch! sucha through back but im bringn em back. who didnt have a pair of jellies i had like 80 thought i was too hot to shit when i had those on wit the church socks.oooo and they were so cheap. so yes imma start rockin them again......still too hot to shit