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so i was thinking the other night, i do a monthly man candy, my top 5 and other monthly or weekly thing but y no 1 detecated to the real reason i created this blog. for the fabulous girls out there that arent famous(but i put money on it will be soo) but r doin big things.

so this month i interviewed Ashley a dope ass girl from the lower east side whos ALWAYS A LADY.
Name at birth: Ashley Lauren

Age? Im a young one, 17, soon I will be 18 and can’t wait for that.

1. What do u do?
These days I am trying to finish high school, a few weeks left but it seems to go on forever. It’s an all-girls Catholic school so I have to leave like this second or I will lose my mind. I also can’t wait to go on to college. I am going to Villanova University in the fall. It’s near Philly so holla...another city. I will miss Nueva York though especially the Lower East Side, my home. I’ll visit as much as I can though.

2.What/who inspires the way u dress?
I’m usually inspired by what I see on the streets but I try not to cop to many of what people are doing/wearing. I take what I see everyday and I mold it to what’s me cause if I don’t than I will just be a biter and the only quintessential LES clone. Also, I like to look at old school pics from like the boogie down Bronx haha from the 80s. Or like 80s shots, punk or hip hop, because I really like the style back then...bold colors, flashy jewelry, and the prints were insane. You can’t make that shit up these days.

3. Dream job?
I would love to work at a magazine. It wouldn’t really matter to me which one though. I’m obsessed with Missbehave and Nylon magazines these days though. So I would definitely like to work, or maybe intern there one day. Those are my heroin. But then I’m random too and I love history and current events so I would be happy at like Time or Newsweek. I don’t know. I just am fascinated with magazines especially fashion ones. Stylists also inspire the way I dress. They put things together that I never would have thought of. I admire them for that. That’s another job I guess....too many paths to choose from.

4.Biggest flaw?
I shop way way way too much. 8 out of 10 times I don’t even buy stuff though. I just love to go to the stores and look at the clothes, and on some occasions I do buy. I do love to buy stuff. And I’m in H&M like every five seconds. It’s sad too cause half my school shops there also and I can spot what all the girls are wearing. It’s like or she got that from H&M, oh her too. And it sucks going to an all-girls school cause if one girl has it then you can’t buy it or else its biting off them. Those in girl schools know what I’m talking about. Oh back to my flaw sorry. Yeah, I have a problem but I don’t regret it. Everyone has something.

5. Last item you purchased?
I purchased the Mama Clothing baseball jacket from the Mama website (the picture is on my trendmill gallery). I’ve been wearing it everyday. It’s hott haha...the back says: “Always A Lady” in a cool font. I always wanted a baseball jacket like that and it has a cool twist to it cause its very feminine. Mama is really stepping up there game and getting out there and I like that. They have always been there but now more people, like me, are recognizing them. I love it.

6.What’s your idea of happiness?
Being with my friends will always make me smile. We have a lot of fun together and we have to in order to get by these days of being a senior, aka hell. Also, like I said before, shopping. So I usually go shopping with friends...that’s the shit.
7.What are two things you never leave the house without?

I always always have my I-Pod with me. I gotta jam when I’m walkin’ these streets. Music is everything to me and I can’t go anywhere without it. Everyone will tell you that I always have it on me. I also never leave without my digital cam. I take pictures everyday..mostly of me and my friends. I also like to sneak pictures of people on the street who’s style I love. This is risky though so I try not to do it a lot. And I do like to be original you know.

8.Favorite designer/brand and why?
Like I said before H&M...I love it so much. Its probably cliche to like them isn’t it? But I don’t care. It’s the only place where you can get fly stuff for the cheap. I just got a hoodie there on sale for like 8 bucks...and it’s nice too. Plus, they stock new stuff like every two there is always hottness going on. I don’t know how to describe it. If you haven’t every been to one...which is hard to gotta get to one this second. Like go, right now.

9.If you could would you choose to be famous or infamous?
I would absolutely hate to be famous. I feel bad for those who are. The spotlight is always on them..sure people admire you and your “perfect” to everyone, yet your face is everywhere. I couldn’t do that. I am a private person and I don’t like everyone knowing my business, just those close to me. To be famous though, everyone knows everything. That sucks. Plus, being infamous is mysterious and cool. And being mysterious is the new famous.

10. Anything else you wanna say?
Holla to my friends out there and everyone at Notre Dame haha. Oh and I want to tell people to be more open and free with fashion and one’s personal style. It’s not all cookie cutter and correct and its not supposed to make sense sometimes. I love that about fashion and clothes. You could just make a style all on your own without anyone ever creating it, knowing that you made the choices. I’m not starting to make sense am I? Well, just go for it...anything you want to wear, wear it. What’s the worst people could say or do to you? Nothing much. So when you want to wear that old school punk tee, those bright colored tights, or those big ass hoops from Delancey...Just do it. Promise?

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