Sunday, April 29, 2007

Its the most wonderful time of the year

like ive said many times before summer is my favorite time of the year, for many reason one of wich is that its warm an ofcourse no school. but ive narrowed it down to my top 10 reasons why i loooooove summer so much. and honestly why any one should luv summer.

10. cookouts, and everything that goes with them

9.New York City. i luv it all year round but its somthing about being there in the summer that makes all that much more great.

8.the west indian day parade in brooklyn. every for the past 4 years ive gone with my best freind. now no im not west indian but its soooo much fun ive never seen any thing like it.
7. NO SCHOOL. theres no validation for that one 3 months with out skool hell fuckin yes . people. i always end up meeting a bunch of new people during the summer whether it be through summer camp when i was younger, working, partying or jus wondering around with nothing better to do.

5.sunglasses. i do wear them all year round but atleast now i have a reason.

4.flip flops. i turn in to a dirty ass hippy come summer time. no shoes no shirt no service oo well. but ull be lucky to see me have shoes on..... but i gess thats the flower child in me i cant help it.
3.carnavales&RITAS. i mean like who dosent luv that shit they go hand in hand. for those who dont no ritas is an icy place...o so yummy
2.freinds and family. its the best. family reunions, summer vacas, road trips. everything about them is great but then add summer into that and its 1000000 times better
1.GOOD TIMES. keep it funky who dosent luvem. i have good times all year round but not as good as in the summer. outta all the storys i have (and theres more then you could imagine) the best and most crazy ones were in the summer wit the hommies.

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