Tuesday, May 29, 2007

MOB Summer Freshness

Meet Your New Daddy

Kimora Lee was spotted in cannes with her new man Djimon Hiunsou (the guy from blood dimond) and her kids.

Why Not?!?

Why cant we all be as Fabulous as they are?!?!

Hello Yellow

Yellow is THE color for summer so relax n take notes.
No matter what the occasion, yellow is what you need to be wearing.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Summer Jam 2

More great summer vids.





Sara Jessica Parker has a brand new line out,Bitten . Every like expected is very cute but whats even better is its all under $20. Now yess you will probely get about two wears out of the clothes but who cares it was less then $20.
Bitten will be sold at Steve&Barry stores.

Before N After


Thursday, May 24, 2007

An Open Letter to Amy Winehouse

Dear Amy,

Now dont get me wrong your aaaaamazing. All the songs Ive heard of yours are great, Rehab is my personal favorite and my make-believe story of my life. But on a real serious note, you should invest in something for your teeth. I know your british n all but come on now lets be serious your famous now n people are watching.

To get to the point of this letter i think you should go to rehab, the song was catchy but its time. People are talking and its been said that you beat up a fan whil you were drunk n your doin meth n shit.......not sexy at all.

plus look at this picture I found of you!

And this one!!

Monday, May 21, 2007


A mess.............

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Im In a New Jersy State of Mind

This was on last night. The guy from scrubs, Zach Braff hosted SNL and his monologue was about MY state NJ!!!
Just a little tid bit Zach Braff is from my town, South Orange NJ and went to my high school.

ooo yeaaaaa

$425 ....... This might be my new means of transportation.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

I Wear a Mean Dark Pair of Shades

MARC by Marc Jacobs $90

Michael Kors $225

Juicy $165

Dolce&Gabbana $265

Tom Ford $340


AH I want this shoe so bad!!!!!
Miu Miu $430

Bubble Gum Rings

I luv these rings!

All of these rings can be found at your local 50cent machine

Friday, May 18, 2007


Today I spet all day at In School Suspension. This has been my 3rd time this month and my 5th this semester. Its not like im this bad kid or anything, there jus sooo strick at my high school, well there not that bad I just cant ever seem to be in class on time but.

But since this time was THE MOST BORING one yet all I did was doodle all over everything I could reach........

Heres what I was able to scan.

Nice Kicks

Yummy chocolate Nikes!!!
All the Nike sneakers have been made in to tinny yummy treats.
Go to highsnobiety for more info on the who what a where.

bamboo earings at least 2 pairs

Are bamboos the new dimond stud?

Seems that now a days everybody from Hillary Duff to Jessica Simpson is rockin a pair of bamboos. Even big name reatail stores are now selling bamboos in all diffrent shapes and sizes.It use to be that the only places you could get jewelry like that is at those ghetto ass jewlery stores with the huge name plates, 10k crosses and the 20 inch TV all in the same window. Now that stars are makeing ghetto classics such as bamboos and name plates look way chic whats next?

Lindsy Lohan ties her hair up with some bubbles and barets?

Reese Witherspoon hits the red carpet whith her hair wrapped and some chinese slippers on?

Whats next Hollywood, whats next?
Well all I know is it fuckin sux cuz I been tryna get some ghetto gold and now that all the stars and there mothers are wearin them I cant get any!

Jus a lil off the top

As I was lookin for new vids I came upon one of my favorite songs that I thought was just some 1hit wonder guy.But hes not hes actually gotten pretty big these days with his europeanish look hes been rockin and lovley vocals. Well watch this video and pay attention to his face...the face is just as cute a few years ago as it is now but he looks like a homless guy so you dont really pay him much mind.

Nu Vids


Im not sure if any one is awear of my pure love for Lauryn Hill, so when I heard she has a new song comming out for the soundtrack you could only imagine how excited I was. But then I heard the song, I went from an 11 on the 1-10 scale of happy to a 2. This song kinda sounds like a Joss Stone X Amy Winehouse thing with like a heavy instrumental and off beat singing. IDK I kinda hate, but you can make your own judgement.

womp womp

Well as you all know I trully dis like Asia,I dont have a real reason besides she cant speak but still........ Well any who heres Asia and the rest of the goobers at some CW party.
I bet that red head chick is happy as hell shes not on the end no more......and BTW who are the two white girls on the end?


This week ANTM had its season finally, with Natasha and Jaslene as the finale to. If you didnt see it they both hit the runway in 3 diffrent outfits, the theme of the show was women evalution. I personally think they both did good on the runway,but when it was all said and done the better model, Jaslene won.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Can I get witcha can I get witcha?

So as most of you Know New York is at it again. She goin for season2 and now she has a website(ilovenewyork2.com) were you can vote for who you want to see on her show.

So Im on her page right and im Browseing and what not until I come across this lovley young man,TaeB.
So wut ever wut ever i watch his video and like every body else he shouts out his myspace page. well i go and find his myspace (no im not crazy just a tad bored)hes really tryna get his lil rap thing goin(yea join the club bud) and how old is this kid.......HES 16!!!!!! classic!

My hole point is vote for his non legal ass, if any thing it'll make the boy a internet star.

H&M sux!

Now dont get me wrong I luv H&M like the next broke bitch does but riddle me this must there web site suck the way it does..........Theres no browse section iIcant even pretened like im gonna buy somthin like i would do in the actuale store! what the point of a website that dosent let you browse?hm.com
Now forever21 on the other hand has a great website, but who cares cuz there clothes SUCK!!!


Technorati Profile

O no

All that money at you cant find sombody to fix this????

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Fruition new spring-summer line is out!

Bling Bling

Say it aint so

SOOOOOOOOO word on the street is Lil Cease is dancin for change....and when I say change I mean dudes. Gay? Bi? or maybe he's jus hittin the nose candy a lil too hard?? I say YES to all 3 god dammit!!!
o and pay attention to the reactions from the crowd. Theres three girls there watch there faces. (LAMOOOOO)

Watch the video.... you be the judge.


summmer jam

I know you guys must be sick of me talking about summer....but i just cant help it!
In honor of it heres some yummy summer vids

Monday, May 14, 2007