Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Can I get witcha can I get witcha?

So as most of you Know New York is at it again. She goin for season2 and now she has a website( were you can vote for who you want to see on her show.

So Im on her page right and im Browseing and what not until I come across this lovley young man,TaeB.
So wut ever wut ever i watch his video and like every body else he shouts out his myspace page. well i go and find his myspace (no im not crazy just a tad bored)hes really tryna get his lil rap thing goin(yea join the club bud) and how old is this kid.......HES 16!!!!!! classic!

My hole point is vote for his non legal ass, if any thing it'll make the boy a internet star.

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