Friday, May 18, 2007

bamboo earings at least 2 pairs

Are bamboos the new dimond stud?

Seems that now a days everybody from Hillary Duff to Jessica Simpson is rockin a pair of bamboos. Even big name reatail stores are now selling bamboos in all diffrent shapes and sizes.It use to be that the only places you could get jewelry like that is at those ghetto ass jewlery stores with the huge name plates, 10k crosses and the 20 inch TV all in the same window. Now that stars are makeing ghetto classics such as bamboos and name plates look way chic whats next?

Lindsy Lohan ties her hair up with some bubbles and barets?

Reese Witherspoon hits the red carpet whith her hair wrapped and some chinese slippers on?

Whats next Hollywood, whats next?
Well all I know is it fuckin sux cuz I been tryna get some ghetto gold and now that all the stars and there mothers are wearin them I cant get any!

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