Tuesday, May 1, 2007

mothers day

ok so mothers days this weekend and normally we all(ALL as in like 20 of us) go to breakfast and my aunt will by a gift for both my mother n gramma and id put my name on it...... well yes thats extremley cheap and childish of me but at the same time i highly doubt in 98 my mother truly belived that i got her that silk scarf.

but this year im grown.... well barley but i need to do somthing my self fo her n plus non of my family is down here with us so im basicly on my own.

so to day in ISS (in school suspention) i did alot of thinking..... and here are some of the ideas.
  • cook all 3 meals for her
  • make her somthing.... its so 2nd grade but moms like that kinda crap
  • take her out to dinner...(when i say take i mean make dady pay)

well thats all i could really think of i mean shit everything cost money these days n i aint got none

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