Tuesday, May 1, 2007

my top 5

this is really for last week......i truly wasnt about to get on and do this sunday night and mondays are gay sooooo think bak to last monday this is wut its for.

5.when i was younger im talkin like 13 years young ... my mother got me hooked on dailycandy.com/. because i had jus started going into the city alone and these daily e-mails kept me up to date with things i really could do or go to. but latley ive been back on and signed my self back up for the e-mails and cant wait to get my first one.

4. SUMMER....lol sry but today it was 90...o yes betch i will be tanning tmrw cus these legs..ooo these legs jus arent workin wit me.

3. over sized shit. when its hot out nothing is cutter then some big ass glasses, a baggy t-shirt (not like white T baggy..hobo baggy) and a supper dum big canvas bag... it jus works very well if i do say so myself. (ok so i jus tryed to find an example of what im talking about all together... no 1 has it ... i gess im alone on thinking its cute)

2.Black Milk... hes kinda like the shit. detroit rapper with more of a chi town sound its jus amazing and it dosent hurt that hes pretty dam cute too.

1. MY BOO CIRESE (who ill do a post on later) is the shit. well
A. shes amazing cuz shes runs 2 of her own Businesses and she still manages to stay fly... and
B. she paid for my tiket to get to jersy....amazing i tell you shes the best
some time this month ill do a interview and a feature about her Accessories store(that is aaaaaamazing).

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