Saturday, April 14, 2007

woop woop its the 5

My top 5 is a weekly thing . basicly is jus random shit i love the current week. with that said here it is for the week.

5.Pro Nails AKA nail art BKA ghetto nails. i mean who dosent lovem.

4. SPRING TIME!.... Theres many reason y i luv spring but to name a few SPRING CLOTHEING LINES and SKOOLS ALMOST OUT. very good stuff
3.magazines.... you will almost never catch me with a book in my hand but always a magazine. some of my favorites are URB, nylon,vogue and star.

2.Brand spaken new music..... i feel like this year is the year were i have gotten a hold of so many great new artist. like great as in i listen to these motha fuckers like 12 times a day and dont get sick of them. Amy Whinehouse ("rehab") for example and kid sister a under ground rap artist outta chi, they are two complete opposites but they are two of the badst bitches walkin planet earth.

1. jellies!!!!.... yess betch! sucha through back but im bringn em back. who didnt have a pair of jellies i had like 80 thought i was too hot to shit when i had those on wit the church socks.oooo and they were so cheap. so yes imma start rockin them again......still too hot to shit

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