Sunday, April 15, 2007

NEXT 1000

the latest issue of urb jus came out with there next 1000 list, the next 1000 issue is new artist wether they be signed or unsigned. among that 1000 there was a couple ladies doin it real big. heres some of my favorites.

K.flay.... this silly white girl is so seriuse when it comes to her rhymes. but not seriuse like hugry children but seriuse as in she goes hard. based in a cali suburb shes a stanford whos music sounds like shes been workin with the pros but actually she writes and produces all her own music.

KID SISTER...... this bitch right here is my freind in my mind we have so much in commen well from what ive read in her interveiws. but like i said earlyier shes the IT kid in the chi town rap game.

crystal castles.... a group jus made up of 1 guy and 1 gurl . there my favorite becuz they arent really a group they dont practice, apperantly they hate performing live and they rarley wright there own music but when they do that shit bumps.

amy winehouse....."they try to make me go to rehab i say no no no" enough said

Theres many more girls such as the long blondes and gabriel teodros who made the list but those were jus some of my favs. all these girls have myspace music pages. soo go serchem......

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