Saturday, April 21, 2007

top 5

holler at the top 5 baby......this week kinda sucked for me.... i gess cuz im a lil homesick or wutever but these are deffintley the things that made me happyr.

5. finding out im gonna pass all my classes

4.METALICS..... batheing suites, bags, shoes, leggings any thing u could think of im luvin right now.

3.sushi from sushi samba!! o so yummy... if my pockets had it like that id fly up there every day jus to eat there

2. MY HOMMIESSS..... most of these (color photos) are hommies from NJ who i miss sssooooo much the other(black&white) pix are NC

1. getting a job ...scratch that 2 jobs yes bitches im getting my work on... shit some ones gotta pay for me to get back to jersy. GET MONEY BABY!!

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