Friday, August 24, 2007

The Summer Run Down

Summer is just about over and so much has happened. Here's a quick re-cap of all that has happened.
  • Paris found her self in jail and back out all before the summer ended.
  • DUI and rehab become the new hot Hollywood trend.
  • Beyonce took a spill
  • Scream fest NYC= history
  • Foxy Brown and Nicole Richie are pregers.
  • Global Warming dominated the New York/ New Jersey area
  • The Bench became the place for the young and fab of NYC
  • Soulja Boy swept the nation with his hit "Crank Dat"
  • SJP came out with bitten.
  • The Sopranos left us hangin.
  • L-Boogie lost her mind
  • Ushers wedding was called off last minute.
  • We all got a little Simpson crazy.
  • Eddie Murphy is a dead beat .
  • Making the Band 4. (I might be the only one who cares)
  • Were getting to see how life is in the Fab lane thanks to Kimora Lee.

As fall is slowly creeping around the Benn more Fabulous and not so Fabulous goodies fallow close behind.

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