Thursday, August 23, 2007

All Good Things Must Come to a End

The summer is just about done and we are all going back or are already at school. So Ive come up with a list of things that every one will need for re-entering the school year.
  • A lap top, because who still uses pen and paper??
  • A good size bag for books and what not.
    Hype Bags $146

Harajuku $65

  • Ipod, (for those going off to college) because maybe your not really feelin your roommate or her choice of music.
  • A multi functional phone.

  • A nice golden tan.Its just proof that you've been some where (even if you didn't)
  • Stories!! Bring back stories of the wild and fabulous times you had over the summer. Who wouldn't wanna here of the fabulous time you had this summer????

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