Saturday, May 12, 2007

keep em in check

Being a child with an unusual and honestly unnecessary amount of hair you will always run into a problem while getting ready to go out….. What to do with it, how to tam it, y wont it stay put. But since im a strait up bun it normally will get pulled up in a pony tail, so that’s no longer a problem. Now it’s these dammed eye brows. They never stay put, I could jus have gotten them waxed and they still wont act right. Well thank god for instyle magazine, because if it wasn’t for them well id still hate my bushy brows. Well wut ever wut ever basically it says to tame your bushy brows put a little clear mascara over them, it acts like jell but you can’t tell that there’s any thing on them.

plus it looks great on your lashes aswell.

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