Monday, May 7, 2007


well as im sitting here bored as nuts and slowly becomeing more depressed over many things such as my shit GPA and being in this state of North Carolina. but then i started thinkin fuck that im the shit i have nothing to be upset about and plus...... Ill be in JERSYYYY soon enough... a month and 2 days to exact.
so then i really started thinking about me and how aaaamazing(no not cocky confidnet we should all think were the best.. right?) i em and these are some the trates ive come up with.

a goofy goober

(yes i was rockin fake shit) a trend setter (but i was the frist to rock a bape in jersy real or fake...and the big knocker earings)
a part time sneaker head (this year)
a hot ass mess
a big time starr
a small animal (but peep my burgendy hair..also last year)
and well now im thinking...."maybe i should start takeing some normal pictures" shit is scarry!!!

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