Monday, May 14, 2007

Summer Survival Bag

As we aaaaaaaaall know by now summer is just around the corner (YAAAAY!) and for that i figured id compile a list of things all ladies should carry around at all times during the summer.
  • If you Know like i Know you must have if not get your self a supper huge'll thank me latter. depending on the outfit these should work.
claw money urban outfitters

  • Cocoa butter, THE most unattractive thing is ash. so apply generously.

  • A light sweater or hoody, it will get nippy some nights.

  • A fresh pair of panties, you dont know where you might end up.

  • An extra pair of cheap O' flip flops just incase you loose that shoe. Hey!it can happen.
  • A good lip gloss.

  • lastley a snack. who dosent like a little munching while wateing for the train?

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