Monday, September 10, 2007

Worse Dressed of the VMAs

The VMAs as we all know was a flop but worse then show was the people there.

THIS BITCH!!! Every one was so excited to see her open the show, but to our disappointment she failed. It was like she just learned the moves and the song. Ya think she coulda done some crunches or somthin?

Beyonce looked good n crazy as usual. But thank god for double stick tape.

Jennifer Garner looked cute, how ever, Jamie Foxx was doin to much between the studs and the two different shades of gold. I think he dressed him self.

I luv luv luv luv Eve, and I always luv what she has on, but last night eh it wasn't to hot.
Lil Mama......A MESS!!!!
Aaaaw Saaphari, who told you this was ok. I feel so bad this is her first major red carpet since charm school and she looks like crap.

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